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RASTRA Infrared photo
An infrared photograph of a RASTRA® house. The blue color shows cold areas. Color shifts towards red in warmer areas, indicating heat loss in those areas (windows and doors, for example). The RASTRA® wall, an excellent insulator that limits heat transfer, shows a deep blue color!

RASTRA® is a concrete form system made of a lightweight material called THASTYRON, which provides a permanent framework for a grid of reinforced concrete that forms load-bearing walls, shear walls, stem walls, lintels, retaining walls, and other components of a building.

RASTRA Infrared photo
Concrete filling the cavities of the elements provides excellent strength. The internal channels have been designed to provide optimum strength while using the smallest possible amount of concrete. Elements can be used either vertically or horizontally for design flexibility. Different strengths of concrete and various amounts of reinforcement adapt the load capacity to fit any requirement.

THASTYRON offers the ultimate in properties for a wall, such as insulation, soundproofing and fire protection, all in one easy-to-install element. THASTYRON is also resistant to frost and heat radiation. It does not support the growth of mold or attract termites or other destructive insects. 85% of its volume is recycled post-consumer polystyrene waste, which otherwise would most often end up in a landfill.

Two Elements Make a Complete System!

The STANDARD element has an area of 1,125m2 (12.5 sq ft) and is generally used for walls; the END element is used for terminating wall-sections, members of headers, sills and corners. RASTRA® elements can be easily cut, rasped, routed or even carved into sculpture-like forms, using common tools suited for working with wood. Plaster adheres well to the face of RASTRA® elements without any preparation, and tiles can be glued right onto the surface.

If you were able to play with Lego® as a child, you are now able to build a RASTRA® house!

Spanish style RASTRA Home

RASTRA® elements are lightweight before filling with concrete, and can be set in place without the use of cranes. Simply glue or clampe them together to hold them until the concrete is poured. THASTYRON is a lightweight but strong material. It is somewhat flexible and not brittle. It can be easily tooled with all woodworking tools, such as hand or chain saws, rasps, drills and routers. As a matter of fact, it can be sculptured and carved to achieve any desired look. RASTRA® elements can be stepped on during construction and will support prefabricated roof slabs. Strong winds during construction are also not a threat.

RASTRA Prefabricated panel

For more industrialized sites RASTRA® also has the solution: The prefabricated RASTRA® wall panel. Prefabricated at the factory according to your architect's plan, prefabricated panels are available in sizes up to 7.5m (25ft) long. These panels can include reinforcement, window and door frames and even some plumbing. Concrete is poured after the panels are placed, so handling is easy and adjustments can be made on site. The fastest method to build known to the construction industry!

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