“Simply Built to Last”

For Residential and Commercial Construction

Proven Materials

Each ProTEC Panel consists of a sheet of extruded polystyrene insulation bonded, front and back, to sheets of Util-A-Crete™Concrete Backer Board. The panels are slotted and connected by means of non-corrosive, Galvalume-coated steel splines and screw-in fasteners.
Extruded polystyrene is a rigid closed cell insulation that resists all forms of moisture. It has a minimum R-Value of 5 per inch and is backed by a 15-Year Limited Thermal Performance Warranty, which guarantees that the insulation will retain at least 90% of its R-Value.

Util-A-Crete Concrete Backer Board is reinforced with a woven fiberglass mesh and has been proven by independent laboratories to be the strongest backer board in the industry. Util-A-Crete has been shown to resist moisture and provide an impact-resistant surface.

With the Util-A-Crete facings, the ProTEC Panels are ready to finish. Inside panel joints are taped and finished like drywall. Exterior finish options are unlimited. You can even stucco directly to the panel.

The ProTEC Panels are connected with AZ 55 Galvalume-coated steel splines which are fully encased in the panel and not exposed to the elements. AZ 55 Galvalume has been shown to last 5 to 10 times longer than G 90 galvanized steel.

Residential & Commercial Building

The ProTEC Concrete Structural Insulated Panel System is as flexible to design with as it is easy to construct. Using simple tools and even untrained labor, a crew of only a few workers can typically erect the walls in a fraction of the time it takes for conventional framing. This adds up to fewer delays and a quicker overall construction cycle.
ProTEC Panels come standard with pre-cut chases to help speed the wiring operation. Because of the Util-A-Crete facings, time and materials are saved when finishing both the interior and exterior surfaces. All in all, buildings constructed with ProTEC Concrete Structural Insulated Panel Systems are strong, tight, and easy to assemble. They are energy efficient, resistant to moisture, and environmentally sound. They are, simply, built to last.

Features & Benefits

ProTEC System Design
  • Completely moisture resistant materials
  • Uses proven building products
  • Reduced labor time and costs
  • Less skilled labor required
  • More buildings can be built in less time with fewer associated expenses
ProTEC System Components
StyrofoamTM Brand
Extruded Polystyrene Core
  • Long term insulation value (R-20)
  • Lower energy costs
  • Closed cell structure is moisture resistant
  • 15-year limited thermal performance warranty


Util-A-CreteTM Concrete Backer Board Skin
  • Lightweight concrete core
  • Non-combustible
  • Moisture and impact resistant
  • Will not warp, decay, soften or swell
  • Ready-to-finish exterior and interior
Non-Corrosive Galvalume Connectors
  • Embedded splines virtually eliminate air infiltration and heat loss
  • Coated, non-corrosive self-tapping fasteners
Environmentally Sound
  • Recyclable, contains no CFCs
  • Reduces lumber usage

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