Allied Building Products presents VIROC

Strong, flexible, durable & resistant

Allied Building Products presents VIROC … a cement bonded particle board composed of wood particles and Portland cement. It is light gray in color and is flat and smooth on both surfaces. Sized 4X8 and 4X10 foot, VIROC combines the strengh and flexibility of wood with the durability and resistant qualities of cement.
Strength and StabilityVIROC functions well as a structural substrate in prefabricated
modular or on-site construction, employing either steel or wood
Fire ResistantVIROC is noncombustible (ASTM E-136) and has superior
structural integrity.
Water, Freeze and
Thaw Resistant
VIROC is stable when subjected to water immersion without any
sealant applied to the board. It will not delaminate in water
and is dimensionally stable.
Impact ResistantTest results of ASTM D-256 indicate that VIROC is capable of
successfully resisting substantial impact forces without
experiencing breakage or fissuring.
Sound Resistant
Acoustic Performance
As a result of its mass, VIROC offers excellent sound attenuation.
Ease in InstallationVIROC assemblies are lightweight, fire resistant and structurally
sound. These features make VIROC easy to install and contribute to
significant in-place economies.
Multiple ApplicationsVIROC is designed to accept a variety of decorative and protective
surface coatings. Its smooth surface is an excellent base for paints
as well as synthetic stucco finishes.
VIROC does not present
health hazards, and is
environmentally safe.
The uniting of wood fiber and Portland cement produces a building
panel which is non-toxic. VIROC does not contain asbestos, silica
or other carcinogenic agents.
Fabricates Like WoodVIROC’s properties are non-directional and present no difficulties
when installing regardless of panel orientation VIROC may be sawn,
planed, sanded, drilled, routed, nailed and screwed.
Weatherability/DurabilityVIROC has been used in a wide range of climatic conditions
throughout the world and has been thoroughly tested for
weatherability and durability.
BOCA-ES EvaluatedVIROC has been evaluated by BOCA-ES, as Type T2 Cement Bonded Particleboard, Research File No. 94-61, Division 06-Section 06128.
Additional ApprovalsCity of New York MEA# 179-95-M.
Limited WarrantyVIROC is warranted not to crack, spall or degrade for a period of
five years.

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